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Atlantik Lubricants produces lube products based on highly advanced formulations and the latest technology. All our products are developed by our engineers, all of whom have direct industry and plant experience.

We are committed to ethical principles of business and have a comprehensive corporate social responsibility code that we follow. We are committed to improving the environment, as well as reducing risks to health and safety.

Corporate Values

Atlantik Lubricants operates on the basis of a commitment to delivering for our customers, while also protecting the environment and each other.We ensure our products and services meet the expectations of our customers while delivering a higher level of quality and innovation than our competitors.

We provide them with a safe working environment and a challenging atmosphere that promotes excellence.

Technical Capabilities

Our technical capabilities fall into two categories:specialized product development and After-sales technical support .

Specialized Product Development

We can help you by creating tailored products to meet your specific needs. We have a team of specialist product engineers who can modify our existing products, or develop new products, to keep your business competitive and to help make your equipment more productive and efficient.

After-sales technical support

our fully equipped laboratories and highly skilled and trained staff are on hand to effectively and promptly support your operations.

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  • Address: SNO-121/3,PrathamPura,
                       Shihora, Savli, Baroda,
                       Gujarat, India.
  • Phone: +91 9726884400
  • Email: info@atlantiklubes.com
  • Website: www.atlantiklubes.com